Championship Saturday at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo


The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo wrapped up Saturday with a winner-take-all final round to determine the champions and recipients of the $20,000 first-place checks.

Bareback Riding

On Calgary Stampede’s Agent Lynx Louisiana cowboy Tilden Hooper scored 91.5 points to take home first place in Bareback Riding.

“Man, there’s so much history in this rodeo and to be the first Bareback champion here, it’s awesome,” Hooper, who now lives in Fort Worth, said. “Every one of my heroes has rode here and to get to do it in front of my new hometown crowd, that was even better.”

Hooper was four points clear of Wyatt Bloom, who finished in second place.

1. Tilden Hooper, 91.5 - $20,000

2. Wyatt Bloom, 87.5 - $12,000

3. Jamie Howlett, 87.0 - $8,000

T4. Tim O’Connell, 86.5 - $2,000

T4. Jesse Pope, 86.5 - $2,000

Steer Wrestling

Jacob Talley made it two in a row for Louisiana native’s to start off Saturday. He collected $20,000 thanks to a 4.0 second run.

Talley said after his run that the winner-take-all finals format encouraged him to take more of a chance and go for the win. He beat out 2019 world champion Ty Erickson by three-tenths of a second.

With $26,640 earned, no one in any event won more money than Talley over the course of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

1. Jacob Talley, 4.0 - $20,000

2. Ty Erickson, 4.3 - $12,000

T3. Dirk Tavenner, 4.8 - $6,000

T3. Matt Reeves, 4.8 - $6,000

Breakaway Roping

Cassie Bahe rose to the top of a crowded leaderboard to win the $20,000 first-place prize. She stopped the clock at 2.3 seconds, just barely beating Jackie Crawford who had a time of 2.4.

Bahe set the pace with the first run and no one could match her time.

“I was scared....but it worked out,” she said. “I am actually kind of glad that I was first just to set the bar high.”

1. Cassie Bahe, 2.3 - $20,000

2. Jackie Crawford, 2.4 - $12,000

3. Martha Angelone, 2.6 - $8,000

4. Anna Bahe, 2.8 - $4,000

Saddle Bronc Riding

At just 21, Dawson Hay continues to make his mark on ProRodeo. He collected $20,000 on Saturday night thanks to 91 points on Calgary Stampede’s Zena Warrior.

Hay said that the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is one of his favorites each year.

“I’ve been excited (to come back) ever since last year,” he said. “It’s just an amazing arena, great fans, and just a really awesome production.”

1. Dawson Hay, 91.0 - $20,000

2. Wyatt Casper, 87.5 - $12,000

3. Allen Boore, 87.0 - $8,000

T4. Mitch Pollock, 85.5 - $2,000

T4. Spencer Wright, 85.5 - $2,000

Tie-Down Roping

Tyler Milligan finished more than a half-second in front of the rest of the field in the Tie-Down Roping.

“It’s awesome, it’s humbling and I am glad to be a part of it,” Milligan said of his win.

Despite taking home more than $23,000 for his roping in Fort Worth, Milligan said he still plans on having the same schedule.

1. Tyler Milligan, 8.4 seconds - $20,000

2. Tuf Cooper, 9.0 - $12,000

T3. Tyson Durfey, 9.1 - $6,000

T3. Cory Solomon, 9.1 - $6,000

Team Roping

Just like in Breakaway Roping, the first pair out in the Team Roping finals set the mark high and no other tandems could beat it.

Clay Ullery and Jake Edwards notched a run of 4.9 seconds to take home $20,000 apiece.

“This is a historic rodeo that you grow up dreaming about,” Ullery said.

Ullery, a native of Canada, also sad after their win that he and Edwards, who grew up in New York, had never met prior to roping together in Fort Worth.

1. Ullery/Edwards, 4.9 seconds - $20,000 each

2. Smith/Corkill, 5.1 - $12,000 each

3. Fuller/Ward, 5.3 - $8,000 each

4. Crawford/Medlin, 5.6 - $2,00 each

Barrel Racing

A familiar face sat in first place in Barrel Racing as reigning world champion and defending Fort Worth champion Hailey Lockwood and her horse sister raced to an arena record of 16.30 seconds, beating Jimmie Smith by one-tenth of a second.

“I’m so emotional, this is so historic and cool,” she said. “My horse is amazing.”

1. Hailey Lockwood, 16.30 - $20,000

2. Jimmie Smith, 16.31 - $12,000

3. Ivy Hurst, 16.40 - $8,000

4. Brittney Barnett, $4,000

Bull Riding

Only two men had 8-second rides and won of them scored 90 points to win the title in Fort Worth. Idaho cowboy Brady Portenier rode J Bar J Rodeo’s Little Toot to the top score of the final round.

Ruger Piva, a fellow Idaho native, had 85 points to take second and Trey Kimzey and Maverick Potter won third and fourth place checks based on their semifinal scores.

1. Brady Portenier, 90 - $20,000

2. Ruger Piva, 85 -$12,000

3. Trey Kimzey, N/A - $8,000

4. Maverick Potter, N/A - $4,000