Checking in on Ukraine’s fertilizer use and Russia’s rail logistics

Fertilizer use in Ukraine is dropping and that is going to send its main crop yields down too.

The Ukrainian AgriBusiness Club says that fertilizer application could decrease between 30-100 percent with the biggest hit expected to potash.
The group also says that will send wheat production down 30 percent next year, corn will fall more 11 million metric tons, and barley is expected to be down 35 percent.

As for Russia, the issue seems to be rail logistics.

Representatives of the country’s ag sector say that they are not facing any major labor shortages yet, despite the central bank announcing otherwise.
However, the rail industry is dealing with additional pressure due to the war.

This comes after the government declared a partial mobilization back in September, forcing men to leave the country for war. Russian farmers have managed to produce a record gain and oilseed crop despite the challenges.