China Visit “Good” Despite Visit Cancellation

China says it didn’t cancel farm visits because of problems with negotiations. In fact the talks last week were labeled “a good outcome”.

Reuters reports the country’s senior ag rep says the discussion was constructive and prepared officials for next month’s high-level meetings. On Friday, Chinese officials revealed they wouldn’t visit farms in Montana and Nebraska this week. But one confirms the visits were separate from the talks and the U.S. will invite them again at a later date. Reports also say China is willing to further expand ag trade with the U.S.

At the same time, China opens up the doors to purchase more soybeans and other goods from Russia. The two countries recently agreed to double trade to 200 billion dollars in the next five years. Soybeans were a big topic of conversation between the Chinese premier and Russian President Vladimir Putin. While Russia doesn’t produce nearly the number of soybeans as the U.S., it is planning to increase soybean production in eastern parts of the country to help increase exports to China.