China’s ASF resurgence may be worse than expected

We will be watching how the markets respond to the latest update from Rabobank. It says that China is experiencing a resurgence in African swine fever, greater than the nation is letting on.

Rabo believes that China has been losing up to 5 percent of its sow herd every month since December. China had said that it would have its herd back to full levels by this summer, and they have been purchasing record amounts of U.S. corn and soy, which led USDA to increase its expected plantings this spring.

The Department also has protocols to minimize trade disruptions should ASF make it to North America and be found in feral swine.

USDA is cooperating with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to respond “if” ASF is discovered in the U.S. or in Canada.

Trade would initially halt once a case is reported, even if it does not affect domestic pigs. However, there is a three-phase approach to reducing those restrictions. Progressing through those phases depends on how quickly initial control of the issue is established.


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