Clearing up new GMO labeling confusion

We are learning more about new labeling laws that will be in effect this time next year regarding genetically modified foods.

It took Congress three years to set up the rules and regulations.

All foods with more than five percent GMOs will have to be labeled. Some companies are already putting that information in packaging.

A food scientist from Kansas State University describes what we can expect to see in the coming months. “You’ll see a little green label, it’s a circle that looks like a farm scene in the middle of it, and it’ll say bioengineered or derived from bioengineering,” Karen Blakeslee states. “A link or phone number for people to call if they have questions... They can put like a QR code on there to scan and learn more about what that particular food product is about.”

Foods with no GMO ingredients can already be certified to carry a “no GMO” label. However, Blakeslee says that some companies are using the statement as a marketing ploy, adding to consumer confusion.

“I’ve seen that kind of label on a bottle of water,” she adds. “Water is not genetically engineered to start with. So, it really does add confusion to this whole process.”

When asked if consumers will find the labels more helpful, she says that we will have to wait and see how it shakes out.


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