Clock is ticking for Canada-U.K. trade deal

With only three months to go, business that trade between Canada and the United Kingdom are worried about not having a post-Brexit deal in place.

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association hopes for a stronger agreement.

“Certainly for our priorities, trade is always going to be right up there in terms of priority... Canada has been focusing on a transitional agreement with the United Kingdom. So as of January this year, U.K. CETA, they are leaving and so we’re needing to negotiate an agreement, which we’re hoping is going to lead into an agreement that is even more robust than CETA and more meaningful than CETA,” Fawn Jackson, the director of government and international relations, states. “Because certainly Canada and Europe have opportunity in trade but there are certainly a number of challenges that we hope will be addressed in the Canada-U.K. agreement and we’ve been working on that.”

Although the United Kingdom left the European Union in January, the terms of the EU’s Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada will continue to apply until December 31st.

CETA leaves Canadians disappointed.

There will be no trade agreement between Canada and China.