Cold Stress Coming Back: Another polar vortex is going to have a big impact on ag

Another polar vortex is on the way across much of the nation, and just like the frigid weather we saw in December, it could have a major impact on agriculture.

It is going to hit some parts of the U.S. not used to this kind of cold stress, putting farm infrastructure along with crops and livestock at a higher risk.
USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey shares more about the potential impacts.

“We will probably see somewhat colder temperatures moving in even compared to what we’ll see this weekend and that outbreak inevitably will expand to cover much of the central and eastern United States, similar to what we saw in December. At this early stage, it does not appear it will be quite as severe as the December outbreak but it is potentially a force to be reckoned with in terms of livestock stress, potential injury to winter grains, and cover crops, and then as we get deeper into the event there is the potential for some wintry weather that could complicate the entire situation,” Rippey explains.