Community Garden Helps Introduce Kids to Agriculture & A Healthy Lifestyle

A community garden in the inner-city is a great way to introduce little ones to agriculture. As Tammi Arender found out, a children’s organization in Louisiana is doing just that.

“It’s the kick off to planting season. We direct seed that kind of stuff.”

Here at the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana Community Garden, it is planting time. These raised beds and garden plots become a playground of sorts for kids in and around Monroe.

“We have 35 raised beds and actually see where their food comes from.”

For 11 month-old Henry, it is not just play time, it is an education experience.

“We love it for sensory play and learn what’s around him but also it helps him learn the nature of the earth. The garden healthy plants or flowers or grow veg and fruits and learn healthy habits and have a long and fruitful life.”

There are a variety of flowers and vegetables grown here, from spinach to lettuce, cauliflower and kale. The kids also get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The Children’s Coalition is home to one of the early head start programs in Northeast Louisiana.

“So we actually supplement the food that we have here with early head start.”

This super Saturday event includes all types of activities, not just playing in the garden. It is all about youth development and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle, but it is evident from the miles of smiles that getting your hands dirty and learning how to grow your own food is not only fun, but it is providing knowledge that will benefit them in the future.

“There’s so much stuff not available at the grocery story and there’s stuff we buy from people so with ag we’re teaching our son how to provide for himself and family one day.”


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