Community rallies behind Colorado bison rancher


A Colorado bison rancher has received an outpouring of support after he asked for help on social media due to losing 80 percent of the restaurants he supplied throughout the state.

After posting on Facebook last week, Rex Moore told KDVR that he was amazed he even got one response from a stranger wanting to buy bison meat from him, within an hour the post had been shared thousands of times, eventually peaking at more than 24,000.

“My family and I were amazed out the outpouring of good people that wanted to buy product from us. Yesterday we were poised to lose the company and be forced to sell our bison herd and possibly declare bankruptcy,” he wrote on Facebook.

The demand has gotten so high that Moore had to set up an order farm and stop responding to direct inquiries.

“Response to my plea for help selling bison meat has been overwhelming and humbling. We have taken so many orders that it will take 30 days to fill the orders. Monthly sales have tripled. In 48 hours we went from going out of business to staying in business. I hired back one employee, hired a temp and may need more. Over 24,000 shares in 24 hours is shocking. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We will keep selling direct to you the American consumer to say thank you. I am humbled and honored to be your direct bison supplier,” he wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

Moore says if he learned anything from this experience its that the community wants to support local and ranchers should not be afraid to ask for help.