Congressional Clash: Tensions rise over USDA FDA spending bill

Lawmakers have until January 19th to pass the first batch of annual spending bills, including the one for USDA.

The House, where the USDA FDA bill was already defeated, faces disagreements over proposed cuts to nutrition. Democrat Representative Jim McGovern criticized the bill saying it could cut into the women, infants, and children’s feeding program.

“If this bill were to become law, there would be waiting lists for hundreds of thousands of new moms and very young kids. Let me repeat. Republicans are passing a bill that would create waiting lists for hundreds of thousands of new moms and very young kids. Is this what your ‘Commitment to America’ is all about? I have news for you: America doesn’t want your commitment.”

Meanwhile, Republican Andy Harris, Ag Appropriations Chair, highlighted its support for critical agriculture research and health programs.

“This legislation supports critical ag research and plant and animal health programs. It invests in rural communities, expands access to broadband and provides nutrition assistance to those in need, and ensures that Americans have access to a safe food and drug supply.”

Speaker Mike Johnson will have to overcome objections from both Democrats and moderate Republicans and work out differences with the Senate to prevent a shutdown in January.

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