The topics in ag law and tax are diverse. There’s never a dull moment. For now, here’s a selection of various ag law topics from RFD-TV Agricultural Law & Tax expert Roger McEowen.
In today’s blog post by RFD-TV agri-legal expert Roger A. McEowen tackles the task of building a solid hunting use agreement.
Acquiring farm or ranch land, as well as the key concepts and issues are the topics of today’s blog post by RFD-TV Agri-legal Expert Roger McEowen.
A recent news story involving a group of farmers in Mississippi reveals the potential downside of selling grain under a deferred payment contract. The risk of deferred payment ag commodity sales and what can be done for protection—that is the topic of today’s blog post.
The classification of persons conducting farming operations for a farm landowner—that is the topic of today’s blog post by RFD-TV farm-legal expert Roger A. McEowen.
Farm-legal expert Roger A. McEowen discusses avoiding contractual obligations in times of pandemic.
Is a handshake as good as your word? That is the topic of today’s blog post by RFD-TV farm legal expert Roger A. McEowen — the ability to enforce oral contracts for the sale of goods.