Stone X urges U.S. cotton producers to understand the importance of risk management regardless of weather at the 2024 Plains Cotton Growers annual meeting in Texas.
The cotton industry has a long-running history in Alabama, and part of the crop’s success is credited to the relationship between the growers and Alabama Extension.
Meet David and Lindsey Morgan, the dynamic duo behind Georgia’s Morgan Family Farm! The couple, honored as the Georgia Farm Bureau’s 2023 Young Farmer & Rancher Achievement Award recipients, attributes their success to an unwavering commitment to each other and a shared vision.
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison compared ordinary cotton and cotton genetically modified to withstand drought in space.
Over more than five decades, Dr. Fred Bourland has researched cotton varieties since 1978. The University of Arkansas Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics has developed, described, and released nearly 100 cotton lines and cultivars over the last five decades.
While the quantity of this year’s cotton harvest might be slightly lower than usual, growers remain optimistic about the quality despite a growing season full of challenging weather.
Soil Health Institute to host webinars for cotton growers.
There is a small town in Louisiana providing fashion designers across the globe with an essential material — and much of it is made from cotton grown right here in the USA.
A new exhibit at the Georgia National Fair is highlighting the value addition of cultivating cotton. This comes as industry leaders work to revitalize the state’s textile industry and build a complete supply chain within the state.
Nationwide crop performance exceeds expectations and paving the way for a bountiful harvest season, according to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Crop Progress Report for Sept. 25, 2023.
A Fourth-Generation Cotton Farmer’s Journey