Cowboy Authentic

“Cowboy Authentic” gives the world a glimpse into the real lives of authentic, working cowboys. The show will explain cowboy ethics of hard work and integrity, and what it really means to ride for the brand.

We will demonstrate by the things that Cowboys are blessed to do, how God reveals Who He is and how His word applies to our lives each and every day.

Cowboy Authentic shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with cowboys and the western culture. We have a passion to see cowboy churches planted all across America and beyond our borders. We seek out culturally relevant areas for possible cowboy church start-up’s and serve as a tool to connect those with questions or interest to the resources that can help.

We believe the answers many are searching for today are not new and yet to be discovered, but have been discarded, forgotten and left behind. Ride with a cowboy for a while and you might just find what you’ve been searching for.

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Cowboy Authentic