Cultivating Strategies: Let’s check in on the 2024 NASDA Winter Policy Conference

Cultivating Strategies 1280.jpg

State Secretaries and Commissioners of Agriculture from across the country are currently gathered in Washington for the 2024 NASDA Winter Policy Conference, focused on the latest opportunities for ag at the local and national level.

We caught up with those in attendance for all the details!

Massachusetts Commissioner of Ag, Ashley Randle

Louisiana Commissioner of Ag, Mike Strain

Michigan Department of Ag Director, Tim Boring

West Virginia Commissioner of Ag, Kent Koenhardt

New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture, Jeff Witte

California Secretary of Agriculture, Karen Ross

Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture, Thom Petersen

Vermont Secretary of Agriculture, Anson Tebbets

Missouri Department of Ag Director, Chris Chinn

Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Tyler Harper

Montana Department of Agriculture Director, Christy Clark

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Randy Romanski

Virginia Department of Ag and Consumer Services, Joe Guthrie

UT Commissioner of Agriculture, Craig Buttars

Commissioner Virginia Department of Ag & Consumer Services, Joe Guthrie