Cyber November: These online deals are aimed at agriculture

As input costs keep rising and producers develop next year’s crop plans, one company is offering online deals aimed directly at agriculture.

The Farmers Business Network recently launched its Cyber November campaign. The network’s co-founder says the idea came to be after seeing popular Cyber Monday deals and wanting ag producers to get in on the savings.

The site features everything the network provides when it comes to input products.

“Number one is, we have really outstanding deals and discounts across major products, so especially products like glyphosate and phosphonate, which virtually all farmers need or use. And then we have a number of new things that are coming out. One of the new things is something we call an Acre Pack. And an Acre Pack actually is a digital agronomic support that a grower can use to determine exactly what their input costs per acre are going to be for the year. It allows them to build their acre, start with their herbicide program, start with their seed, set the rates, and then it automatically calculates how much of the product you need to purchase, you can see exactly what your costs are going to be, and you can do your entire program for the year,” said Charles Baron.

Baron says anyone can take advantage of the deals without being a paid member.