Dairy farmers to give away 8,000 gallons of milk to those in need


Dairy Farmers of America, American Dairy Association North East, and Dean Foods organized a free milk campaign in which 8,000 gallons will be given away to families in need reports Syracuse.com.

On Wednesday the milk will be distributed to Syracuse, New York families in need.

“Knowing that millions of Americans are struggling right now to make ends meet and with food banks being a critical local resource to help feed those families, we knew that we had to figure out a solution,” said Jennifer Huson of Dairy Farmers of America.

The drive-through is an effort to support families and farmers who may be experiencing unemployment and food insecurity.

“We are seeing people who have never before sought help come to food pantries, community organizations, and churches because they cannot provide for their families,” Nancy Kern Eaton, president of the United Way of Central New York told Syracuse.com. “We are proud to partner in this wonderful effort to distribute milk to families and we are grateful for the incredible generosity of the dairy farmers.”