Dairy industry still supplying milk for students despite them being out of school

RFD-TV’s John Jenkinson reports that the dairy industry is still supplying students with milk while they are out-of-school.

Many students depend on the meals they receive from their school. School districts are still helping these students with tactics like grab-and-go stations. Julie Matson Ostrow, a representative of Midwest Dairy, says, “Milk is still flowing to those schools, and milk is still being distributed.”

Even though milk is still flowing and the demand is increasing, experts believe that the dairy markets will take a hit in the future.

Peter Vitaliano, National Milk Providers Federation’s Chief Economist had this to say: “A lot of dairy products....are going to take a large drop in terms of [the] food service industry supplies.” He states that things will get worse before they get better.

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