Deadline set for EPA to clarify dicamba decision

The Environmental Protection Agency has until tomorrow to explain themselves to a federal court.

Their decision to allow continued use of existing dicamba stocks is under scrutiny from several groups, who say that the agency is in defiance to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The court ordered the EPA to respond to petitions by Tuesday. Groups will have until Thursday to to file a response. Bayer intervened one year ago and BASF and Corteva recently filed motions to intervene in the case.

Here are some responses to the court:


Taking this action during the height of the application season gives no regard to the significant investments farmers have made in their businesses and leaves them without viable options for the growing season.


“Corteva is seeking to intervene to preserve our rights and to support the rights of the customers to use the impacted dicamba weed control technologies.....we believe dicamba is an effective weed management tool for farmers when used according to the label.”