Developments in Herbicide Court Cases

A federal court denies an attempt to change the recent dicamba ruling.

BASF and Corteva’s motion claims that they did not know their products were going to be subject to litigation. The court also turned down a petition from the plaintiffs calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to be held in contempt for allowing existing stock use. According to an Indianapolis lawyer, the court’s findings claim the EPA did not take into account the social order of farming when approving the products.

A federal judge opposes Bayer’s plan for a class action lawsuit on settling round up litigation. Bayer stated that they take the judgment seriously and will voice their concerns at a July 24th hearing.

The company says that it will set up a panel to study if roundup does indeed cause cancer and still allows claims to be made while the scientists research the chemical. Bayer claims that this does not affect farmers ability to spray the chemical.