Dog, cat adoptions increase amid coronavirus pandemic


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Animal shelters and rescue groups around Michigan’s state capital have seen a big spike in adoptions since March as people have increasingly turned to the companionship of furry friends during the coronavirus pandemic.

Staff at the Ingham County Animal Shelter say they have “barely been able to keep dogs on the adoption floor” since they all have been getting adopted so quickly, spokesperson Katlyn Turner told the Lansing State Journal.

Saved by Zade, a Lansing-based nonprofit cat rescue has also seen a tremendous increase in adoptions and fosters since the pandemic began. In August, the group had 146 adoptions, compared with 60 in August of last year.

While the increase in adoptions is a good thing, Kirbay Preuss, general manager of Preuss Pets, cautions people to think beyond the pandemic before adopting. Dogs are routine-oriented animals, and a sudden shift in their owners being home all day to being alone all day can create separation anxiety.

“You have to think long-term for any animal when you bring it into the house,” Preuss said.