Donations allowing farmer-owned restaurants to feed troops in DC

National Guard Troops on duty in our nation’s capital are getting fed some pretty tasty dishes, all thanks to a $50,000 dollar donation.

Farmers Union Enterprise donated the money to provide about 5,000 soldiers with a meal through Founding Farmers Restaurants. The farmer-owned restaurants have been operating in Washington DC throughout the last year and wanted to show their appreciation to the troops.

Dawn Vileno with the farmers’ restaurant group says that no only is this a way to honor those who are serving but also a way to show off their culinary skills.

According to Vileno, “It’s been fun and inspiring for us to figure out how to really give them our food, our quality, our flavors, all made from scratch in this format. So, they’ll be eating lunch straight from Founding Farmers.”

She says that they jumped at the opportunity to feed our troops as a way to give back for all they have done in protecting the capital. The restaurant group says that they are providing 300 meals a day, three days a week for the next four to six weeks.