Dr. Collins: ‘There is still some doubt on the durability of immunity of the vaccine’

As they start to roll out vaccines in rural communities, many people are concerned with how long the immunity of the shot will last.

Dr. Francis Collins, the Director at the National Institutes of Health, says that there is still some doubt on the durability of immunity.

“We do know that people who naturally get infected with the COVID-19 disease don’t seem to get reinfected, at least not until recently with some of these new variances... but it does look like immunity to this virus last many months, but I can’t really tell you whether this is something you might need a booster in another year, or ten years, or maybe this could be life-long. We just don’t know,” Dr. Collins explains.

He goes on to say that if you get the vaccine, you should still plan on wearing a mask, because there is still some uncertainty on if you could still be harboring the virus without symptoms.