Drought See-Saw: Some areas saw relief and some are still thirsty

The latest drought monitor was released this morning and it shows the eastern U.S. received some relief.

A series of storms dropped moderate to heavy rain on much of the eastern half of the country,
stretching from Alabama all way to the East coast.

However, episodes of low humidity and strong winds only made dry conditions worse across much of the Plains & adjacent Rockies. The Climate Prediction Center says La Niña is favored to continue through the Northern hemisphere this summer and, most likely into fall. That is not good news for those areas.

A regular guest on the Market Day Report, Tony St. James, told us the Lubbock area needs some moisture.

“A handful of wildfires yesterday is starting to threaten the communities. Plainview with the wildfire, just south of the city limits there, and some fires burning in the Lubbock area. So yeah, we definitely have areas where the wildfires are continuing.”

He said conditions are different all across the state. In fact, the southern part of Texas has had some good moisture, and sugarcane harvest is about to wrap up.


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