E15 Breakdown: A look at a “gold standard” legislation, this summer’s sales, and delay request

A piece of biofuels legislation is getting a second chance on Capitol Hill.

Renewable fuel groups say it would base future industry policy on sound science, not speculation.

It is called the Greet Act and was introduced by senators John Thune and Amy Klobuchar. Renewable Fuels Association CEO Geoff Cooper says the model is a gold standard around the globe for analyzing greenhouse gasses and the impact of renewable fuels, like ethanol. The bill would make the EPA include ethanol and biodiesel in greenhouse modeling and update it every five years. Supporters say the legislation more accurately reflects emission reductions achieved by biofuels.

Biofuel sales have been doing well recently. RFA says E15 purchases surged between June and August. Data from the Minnesota Department of Commerce shows a 10 percent jump from last year, which is a record high for the month of August and came as gasoline prices escalated. The group says part of the rise comes from several states getting emergency waivers allowing E15 through summer months.

Meanwhile, governors in Arkansas and Oklahoma are backing an oil
industry effort to delay year-round sales of E15 in 8 Midwestern states. They worry if more time is not given to refiners for compliance, drivers could face higher prices at the pump. The current date is set for next year, but the governors are asking to push it to 2025. RFA says refiners have had plenty of time to comply and should support permanent year-round sales.