EPA will not issue 2019 biofuel waivers

Reuters now says that the EPA will not issue biofuel waivers for 2019 as the current administration winds down.

The news agency reported this week, Administrator Andrew Wheeler could issue the waivers on his way out the door, but now, the EPA has indicated it will wait until legal wranglings are over.

The rumors, reported days ago, caused a stir throughout the ethanol industry, and it was the focus of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s call with reporters this week.

According to Sen. Grassley, “If any action is taken by the administrator before a final Supreme Court decision, it would be contrary to what he told Senator Ernst and me. That said, I certainly understand farmers not trusting the EPA.”

Grassley adds that the issue was brought up at several of his county meetings, and he joined other Senators who urged the EPA to keep the promise it made in the fall to not grant the waivers. Reuters also reported the EPA will extend compliance deadlines for biofuel blending.

The agency first delayed enforcement because of the pandemic.

Today, the agency is expected to extend the compliance deadline for 2019, to the end of November. For 2020, the deadline would be next January. Under the Renewable Fuel Standard, refiners must blend a certain amount of biofuels into their mix. They have to hand in credits to the EA to prove their compliance.


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