EU awaits Biden administration, sets post-Brexit policies

We have several headlines out of the European Union as the bloc awaits a Biden administration and sets its post-Brexit policy.

Bloc leaders say that they hope to resolve the ongoing airline subsidy fight with the U.S. They want to suspend the tariffs from each side, then negotiate new terms. Some of those tariffs tax American ag goods at a 25 percent rate.

EU leaders plan to meet with Biden, soon after tomorrow’s inauguration, and strike a deal in the next six months.

The bloc also says that it wants to resolve issues over a digital service tax. Earlier this month, the U.S. added tariffs on French wines and other goods, for unfairly targeting U.S. internet companies. The EU says that it has halted plans to retaliate until after it talks with the new administration.

Also, the EU says that it will spend money to keep cows from belching. It will pay farmers to help reduce the amount of emissions from bovine and has set aside nearly $500 billion dollars for it.

Some farmers support the measure, as long as it is voluntary.

The EU hopes to make ag “greener” by overhauling farm subsidies and reaching net zero emissions by 2050.