Expert says no need to rush through the tax filing process

Tax filing season is just around the corner, and even though the deadline is still two months away, it is already busy. That is according to Kansas State University tax expert, Susie Lata.

She says that a lot of farmers may be in a big hurry to file, but it is important to not rush the process, because it makes room for mistakes.

According to Lata, “The IRS is not processing any tax return until February 12th. If you have child tax credit, refundable, or earning some credit on your tax return, they’re not even going to process your taxes until February 15th. So, we’re already starting to prepare people’s taxes, but we can’t even file them to the government until next week.”

The IRS usually starts processing returns in late January, but it says that it needed more time this year to test its systems, after late-year tax changes by Congress, including a second round of stimulus payments.