Experts: Cover cropping can be a valuable strategy for ranchers

Kansas State University ag leaders say cover crops can be a valuable strategy for ranchers.

Beef Systems Specialist Jaymelynn Farney says integrating cattle into the cropping systems can be beneficial in several ways. She says planting an annual forage will help reduce the amount of erosion and it can boost soil conditions with extra manure on the fields.

She says it is important to start simple so the process does not become overwhelming.

“With all of our wind erosion, anytime you can have anything growing and that’s what these annual forages can do, that will reduce the amount of erosion, or losing that very beneficial topsoil. The below-the-ground benefits, depending on what your crop rotation,” said Farney.

She says it is also important to graze these forages properly, including rotational grazing and staggering planting dates.


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