Farmer Support Groups and Rural Resilience Training

Farming is stressful by nature and the COVID-19 pandemic is not making things easier. Farming groups are looking to help farmers and ranchers deal with these stressful times. AFBF has partnered with groups to help manage some of the stress by having programs like its Rural Resilience Initiative and the Farm State of Mind Program.

Zippy Duvall, the president of the American Farm Bureau, had this to say: “Farmers are out there each and every day, they spend a lot of time alone...You spend a lot of time by yourself with your own thoughts, and it’s a difficult time...and now we have the virus to deal with.”

Back in 2019 a survey showed that a significant amount of farmers and ranchers are mentally affected by financial issues. Duvall wants these farmers to know they have someone to confide in to help them get through this. “Farmers are tough guys and women, and it’s not in their nature to talk about their problems....The only way to relieve some of that stress is to talk to someone,” said Duvall.