Farmers for Free Trade are hopeful for change in trade policies

Some ag groups are hopeful that the new administration will take another look at trade policy.

Farmers for Free Trade says that it does not expect the administration to immediately lift tariffs but members are hopeful to see a gradual thaw of some of the global relationships over the next couple of years. The group is also advocating for a return of side stepped agreements.

According to Brian Kuehl, “The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that President Obama had negotiated with eleven other Pacific rim countries, unfortunately, on President Trump’s second day of office, he pulled us out of that trade agreement. The eleven other countries that were part of the trade agreement, they continued on, and they’ve set up their own trade pact without us. So, we’re going to have to ask them to join it and it’s unclear whether President Biden would want to join on the terms that President Obama had negotiated or whether he’d want to reopen some issues.”

He says that Brexit should also provide trade opportunities for the U.S. and U.K., but some trade issues with the European Union are a hurdle.