Farmers want to know what is being done on the fertilizer supply and price front

Farmers are dealing with record-high fertilizer prices and a lack of availability. Some have suggested the makers and the sellers are working together to jack up costs.

Others say that we are too dependent on foreign sources.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack updates lawmakers on what USDA is doing to fix the problem: “We’re working with state Attorney Generals who are currently doing the market on consolidation on whether or not these price increases that farmers have seen are justified. We continue to do research on ways in which we potentially can use less fertilizer.”

USDA recently announced $250 million dollars to help American fertilizer companies expand operations.

“Our intent and goal is to try to solicit information which we are doing at this point in time on ideas about how best to use those resources,” Vilsack adds.

He hopes to have a program outlined and ready to go before the fiscal year ends.


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