Feral hogs wreaking havoc on Georgia’s rural communities

According to surveys by the University of Georgia in 2015, feral hogs caused approximately $100 million in agricultural damage just in that state. They continue to be a costly problem for rural communities across the state, reports Damon Jones of Georgia Farm Monitor.

Feral hogs are a problem in many rural communities. The USDA Wildlife Services has organized a workshop in Georgia to help landowners in the area address the issue.

According to Georgia Farm Monitor, while feral swine might not have the same notoriety as some of the other invasive species in Georgia, few have reeked more havoc over the past decade — and that damage isn’t just limited to the economy, as they also put a massive strain on the environment.

“So, according to some surveys done by the University of Georgia in 2015, feral swine are responsible for approximately $100 million in just agricultural damage — and that’s in Georgia alone,” says Matt Ondovchik, the state’s feral swine coordinator.