Five things your farm should do amid coronavirus outbreak

Farm land with a red barn.

AgWeb released five things you can do on your farm to better prepare yourself and your farm for the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Ensure People Can Work

If you or your employees can work from home you should do so if necessary. Make sure the proper equipment is available to work from a remote location.

You should also help employees secure safe alternative care for children as schools and daycares are already beginning to close down, putting a strain on families with children.

2. Prepare for Supply Chain Disruptions

Disruptions have not occurred yet, but many producers rely on China for raw ingredients and finished goods used on farms. You should be prepared to withstand a two and up to three month supply disruption.

Take an inventory on your farm and monitor the usage of critical items to ensure you have enough to use throughout a disruption.

3. Monitor Upcoming Travel

Consider if upcoming meetings that employees are scheduled to attend and make decisions on participation as necessary. Web-based alternatives are a much safer option if possible.

4. Plan for Interruptions to Daily Workflow

Develop plans for additional needs that would interrupt your daily workflow.

The National Pork Producers Council has already asked the administration to develop support plans for hog farmers if labor-related bottlenecks in the supply chain prevent hogs from being marketed.

5. Protect Yourself

Do what you can to protect yourself and stay healthy, continue practices that you use during the flu season.

Remind your employees to wash their hands frequently, disinfect surfaces often, and to stay home if sick and to be fever-free for 24 hours minimum before returning to work.