Food trucks are a growing business

Food trucks have been on the rise lately, and industry leaders do not think it is a fad. They have grown by 14 percent since 2017, and now, there are more than 35,000 trucks operating in the U.S.

The growth stems from a number of things, including restaurant chains entering the business, and our society changing since the pandemic.

According to Hudson Riehl with the National Restaurant Association, “Part of that has to do with the ability to enter new markets, test new markets, and even test new menu items to align with certain communities and demographic areas... The definition of what constitutes as a restaurant in America is rapidly changing... The term ‘location’ has become somewhat antiquated. The industry now thinks about in terms of points of access, and trucks represent another point of access for a consumer to seek meal solutions away from home.”

He believes that the mobile food service will continue to grow.


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