Founder and CEO Patrick Gottsch on the importance of connecting rural and city

Founder and CEO of Rural Media Group, Patrick Gottsch speaks with MDR’s Tammi Arender on issues facing rural America and the importance of connecting rural and urban communities.

“RFD-TV was launched to reconnect city with country. There was a wall being built between urban and rural America, and there needed to be some balance in media to offset some misconceptions...”

“If there is one thing that unites all of rural America, no matter if you’re in grains or livestock or outside, is that we have to do a better job communicating with our urban neighbors. If they understand what is going on, then these kinds of ridiculous petitions won’t have a chance of getting through...”

“We’ve always made a point to be non-political... We try to be television like it used to be and just report what is going on. We don’t get involved with partisan politics, but this is a rural issue... No matter who you are in rural America, there is legislation, now, going around the country that we’ve been fearing for a long time, and it’s starting with outlawing rodeos in Los Angeles and not eating meat in Colorado.”

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