Four-day old colt stolen, mother heartbroken


On April 20th, thieves made their way onto a Weld County, Colorado farm and stole a four-day-old colt named Gypsy.

The owner is extremely concerned for the foal’s health without its mother’s milk providing him nutrients.

“I don’t think he can live very long,” owner, Caitlin Hladky stated, according to CBS 4.

Trixie, the mother, and Gypsy had been inseparable for those first four days, that is why Hladky knew something was wrong when she did not see them together on Wednesday.

Hladky went on to state, "(Trixie) is devastated. He never left her side. It is really sad somebody would take it from her, not us... If we could get him back, that’s all we want. We don’t care about the money. We just want to give her a baby back.”

The colt is worth approximately $12,000 dollars.

Tire tracks were found near a section of fence with small hoof prints. An investigation is underway.

Story via Dillion Thomas with CBS 4 Denver