G20 Summit Convenes to Discuss Agriculture and Tariffs

G20 Summit convenes this week

November 28, 2018

WASHINGTON DC (RFD-TV) Top Administration officials look ahead to the President’s packed schedule of meetings at the G20 Summit later this week.

A final decision on additional Chinese tariffs will likely result. After a meeting with President Trump, advisors are cautiously optimistic about Thursday’s meeting between China and the U.S.

Larry Kudlow, Director of the United States National Economic Council, challenged China to step up, particularly on issues like agriculture and industrial tariffs, and become a more responsible trading nation. He emphasized broad-based support for the U.S. position on China in the world, and said that rallying and challenging allies globally will also be part of the administration’s G20 strategy.

Despite optimism for a compromise with China, the President tells the Wall Street Journal that he expects to unleash a third round of tariffs, adding that it’s “highly unlikely” he will accept China’s request to postpone any taxes.