Give this Giving Tuesday with 4-H


This has been an undeniably tough and traumatic year – especially for our nation’s youth. We need your help today to ensure this year doesn’t define their future. You can help kids discover not only what they want to be, but?who?they want to be with 4-H.

This year has put a spotlight on the barriers holding kids back like inequality, internet access, and mental health. But right now, you can help kids discover not only what they want to be, but who they want to be By supporting 4-H’s #FOURWARD Fund, you can provide all kids with the mentors, learning experiences, and sense of belonging they need now more than ever.

4-H member, Maria Lonneman, was hard at work preparing for a March 2020 state 4-H event where she would lead a group of 4-H’ers to create weighted blankets for youth with autism. When COVID-19 led to a canceled event, Maria wasted no time to change course and find a new project to address the current crisis using her sewing skills.

To date, Maria has created hundreds of masks for children at Pediatric Partners and St. Luke’s in Cleveland, OH, and has begun creating adult masks for her local hospital.

“I enjoy thinking that I might possibly have saved a parent or grandparent because a child had their face covered by one of my masks,” Maria said. “4-H prepared me for this work by teaching me to give back to my community, by using my hands for larger service.”

If you are able, join us in supporting 4-H to help us provide resources to families, and 4-H’ers like Maria, who need it the most.

You can find out more info and donate here.

Get to know RFD-TV’s “The New Crop!”

RFD-TV partners with a handful of agricultural social media influencers who we’ve dubbed “The New Crop.” These folks take to the internet to tell their stories — and at the same time, raise awareness of where our food comes from, and all that goes into feeding the world population.

Misilla is the host of Learn to Grow and The Crafty Mom on YouTube. A Pacific Northwest mother of four who is passionate about organic gardening, sustainable living, homesteading, and education, her videos and social media posts consist of gardening, outdoor recreation, healthy living, crafts, science experiments, DIY projects, and delicious recipes.
How Farms Work is a family-friendly YouTube channel that showcases beef and crop farms located in Southwestern Wisconsin. Equipment operation, techniques, and farming strategies are all first-hand accounts given by Ryan, an Agriculture Business major whose family runs these farms.
Cole Sonne is a fourth-generation farmer living in Southeastern South Dakota. His family farm raises Black Angus bulls and grows alfalfa, grass, hay, corn, and soybeans. Cole says, “I make these videos for your entertainment (and for my own, as well)!”
A few years ago, the Stoney Ridge Farmer moved from a 1/3-acre lot in the city to a 150-acre farm nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Join him on his journey to build a successful farming venture — rehabilitating the old, overgrown, washed out, and gullied tobacco farm he bought and working to restore soil quality in his fields with minimal fertilizer and lots of hard work — and enjoy the insights he learns & shares along the way!
Tara Beaver Coronado (formerly known as Beaver Vineyards) is a farmer in Northern California. She raises grain crops with her dad. Tara planted her very first vineyard in 2018. Her channel is centered around her daily life on the farm, as well as promoting the diversity and scale of California agriculture.