Grandson builds ‘Yayagram’ to help
96-year-old grandma text her grandkids


And this grandson won the internet by building his grandma a telegram texting machine!

Manuel Lucio Dallo, an engineer at a software company, built the machine for his tech-challenged, 96-year-old grandma.

He wanted to help her stayed connected with her grandkids during quarantine. He dubbed it the ‘yayagram’ (Yaya essentially means “granny in Castilian), and showed it off on twitter!

Dallo says the simple design is also easier than typing on keyboards for his grandma, who suffers from arthritis. The machine is set up just like an old switchboard and uses some third-party apps. To send a message, all Yaya must do is choose the destination grandchild using a jack connector. She then records her message into a microphone and the recording shows up as a voice message on the grandkids’ smartphones.

When they answer, Yaya gets the text message printed on paper just like old-fashioned telegrams.

The creator also said they will soon publish a project with instructions including all the build details on Github so that anyone can build one of the machines.

You can check out more from Manuel on Twitter.