“Greater Security": The Biden administration is investing $500 million to confront the wildfire crisis

The Biden administration is investing $500 million dollars to confront the ongoing wildfire crisis.

The effort is a part of the Investing In America Agenda and will help expand work on the USDA’s Forest Service’s Wildfire Crisis Strategy. The money will reduce risk to communities, critical infrastructure, and natural resources.

“All told, the investments that we’ve made to date are providing greater security for
550 communities that interface with these forest areas, 1,800 watersheds, and 2,500 miles of power lines are better protected and will be better protected as a result of the investment that we have made and will continue to make,” Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack stated.

So far this year, there have been more than 2,000 wildfires in the U.S. burning almost 14,000 acres.