‘Green Acres’ star Tom Lester dies at 81

Tom Lester

Tom Lester, who starred as farmhand Eb Dawson on the 1960s series “Green Acres,” has died at the age of 81.

Lester died of complications from Parkinson’s disease in his fiancee’s Nashville home on Monday.

“Tom Lester was a great friend of mine,” the star’s pal, fellow actor Gary Moore, told Fox News. “We met over 20 years ago and stayed friends all these years. I started taking Tom to autograph shows because so many fans wanted to meet him. I’ve stayed at his house on his farm which he called, Green Acres. He’s been to my house and signed pictures of Arnold the Pig for my four boys.”

Lester was born in Mississippi and raised on his Grandfather’s farm, but always had big dreams of making it in Hollywood.

When Lester made it to Hollywood he first went to church where he found a job to support himself while he searched for acting gigs. Lester acted in several plays, but his career was not taking off. He ha plans to head home and give up on the dream when he got a call that changed his life.

He was called and asked to read for the part of Eb on “Green Acres.”

According to some, Lester beat out 400 other actors for the role because he knew how to milk a cow due to growing up on a farm.

“Green Acres” premiered in 1965 and tells the story of a New York attorney who attempts to live the life of a farmer alongside his wife in Hooterville. The series would run until 1971.

Lester is survived by his brother, one great-niece, and one great-great-nephew.