Group calls for boycott of big meat companies

One group has called on Americans to boycott products coming out of large meat packing companies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The League of United Latin American Citizens want consumers to stop eating meat on Mondays throughout the month of May, until the packing plants implement safety measures like slowing down production lines, offering more PPE, and daily virus and fever screening.

Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has received more than 3,800 complaints over companies not adequately protecting workers from COVID-19. They have made almost 300 inspections and issued no citations.

One labor union is suing the agency saying they need to issue an “Emergency Temporary Standard” to protect workers. The law governing OSHA says that businesses are required to provide a hazard free workplace.

Meanwhile, facilities have continued to ramp up cleaning and testing. A North Carolina Tyson facility closed temporarily over the weekend for a deep cleaning; this comes after several employees tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The Wilkesboro poultry plant will continue on site testing and symptom screenings as well as other mitigation procedures already in place.

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