Here are some easy ways to cut feed costs going into winter


Ranchers have been battling a drought-filled summer and high input costs this year, with winter still on the way.

Nutritionists at Purina are sharing some tips to save on feed costs during those colder months.

They urge producers to employ proper storage because feed loses volume and nutritional value the longer it sits. They suggest storing it on a surface that drains easily and has ample air movement. Maximizing grazing opportunities are also key and can help reduce dependence on harvested or stored feed, and they suggest placing supplement blocks in pastures to encourage grazing.

Producers should keep in mind that consistent intake of good-quality minerals helps overall nutrition, but if cattle are consuming too many, the cost per day might outpace the intake. Finally, they advise avoiding hay waste by feeding smaller amounts. They say free-choice access can result in 25 to 45 percent waste.


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