Historic 126,000-acre cattle ranch for sale

25 Ranch for sale

The 25 Ranch is a historic ranch sitting in northern Nevada that claims over 126,000 deeded acres and spans across four counties. It is one of the largest and oldest ranches in the state and holds several vested and decreed water rights dating back to the 1870s.

It was listed for sale for a staggering $36,525,000 when it first hit the market in September, but that has since decreased to about $30,000,000.

Throughout the years the ranch has been maintained and improved with a main residence, barns, shops, and support buildings. The ranch has a carrying capacity of around 6,500 cows on a year-round basis.

The ranching properties that now comprise the 25 ranch were established and settled in the 1870s. Originally the lands were separately owned and operated by Russell Land and Cattle Co. and W.T. Jenkins Co.

W.T. Jenkins migrated to Nevada from Wales in the 1870s looking to strike it big mining for gold and silver. When that didn’t work out he began operating a sheep business.

A cattleman named Joe Dean attempted to run W.T. out of town but was unsuccessful when W.T. struck him down in a gunfight in the mountains of Nevada. Following the showdown, W.T. began raising both sheep and cattle.

W.T.'s daughter, Louise Marvel, took over the ranch operations at 18 and began creating one of the largest ranching operations in the state of Nevada. The 25 ranch would be sold in 1964 and then sold again to the current owner in 1989.