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Hope Family Wines – FarmHER Season 6, Episode 5

Premieres Tue, 4/16/24 – 9 PM ET | 8 PM CT | 7 PM MT | 6 PM PT

Raise a glass to those behind the vines at Hope Family Wines: Vineyard Director, Stasi Seay and Assistant Winemaker, Samantha Taylor.

Meet the dedicated women shaping the excellence at Hope Family Wines. Hope’s Director of Vineyards Stasi Seay nurtures grower relations, studies soil, and handpicks grapes that define quality. She works alongside Assistant Winemaker Samantha Taylor, who has cultivated a legacy of quality craftsmanship and award-winning vino.

Hope Family Wines

California is the world’s fourth largest wine producer, crushing 3.73 million tons of grapes in 2023. The state, which produces roughly 86% of the United States’ wine, is home to nearly 5,000 wineries. One of the most exceptional of that group is Hope Family Wines, crowned American Winery of the Year in 2022. That’s where we meet our next two FarmHERs: Stasi Seay and Samanatha Taylor.

The family-owned business, founded by Paul & Chuck Hope, has a legacy spanning over 40 years. Thanks to Hope Family Wines’ dedication and commitment to quality over the resounding decades, the entire region of Paso Robles is now a major player in California’s wine industry. Most recently due to the oversight of Hope’s current leader and namesake of their award-winning blend, Austin Hope.

The winemaking process is a team effort, and it was an honor for us to meet the minds behind the wines: FarmHERs Stasi Seay and Samantha Taylor, the Director of Vineyards and Assistant Winemaker at Hope Family Wines. Together Stasi and Samantha oversee two parallel processes within Hope Family Wine’s day-to-day operations, contributing an equal passion to their part of winemaking.

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