The latest agricultural news related to California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Utah and other Western U.S. States.

USDA Meteorologists are raising alarms over low snowpacks in key Northwestern watersheds that may lead to water shortages and disrupt spring or summer planting.
U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse (R-WA) introduced the DAMN Act to address debates over management of the Lower Snake River Dams.
Ever wonder about the tiny creatures known as sea monkeys? Dive into the fascinating world of brine shrimp at the Great Salt Lake Brine Shrimp Co-Op in Utah.
USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey discusses ongoing drought-related water storage issues with the Colorado River Basin and low snowpack levels in the Sierra Nevada.
In part five of his blog series, “Top 10 Developments in Ag Law and Tax in 2023,” Roger McEowen tackles issue number three, California’s Prop 12 pork regulations.
In a recent statement, California State Representative James Gallagher says Prop 12 not only impacts pork producers but agriculture as a whole, and emphasizes the need for producers and consumers to co-exist.
RFD-TV’s own Christina Loren reports that after years of hearings, Western Caucus members are finally witnessing federal agencies take action.
As winter weather embraces the Colorado River Basin, new recommendations from the Colorado River Drought Task Force have not been well received by all.
The California water supply continues to be a focal point, sharing the spotlight with significant legislative issues facing state lawmakers this session.
NWSS kicked off with nearly 108,000 attendees during the opening weekend, continuing a Colorado tradition since 1906.
The Sierra Nevada snow, vital for two-thirds of the state’s residents and irrigated farmland, is facing a drastic decline compared to the robust snowpack of the previous year.
Mild conditions this December have provided the best-growing conditions for winter wheat in a while, but according to USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey, unfortunately, that weather windfall brings with it future concerns for farmers.
Meet the Andrus who believe that hard work is one of the best starts to a successful life. Together, they work at his family ranch and started their own ranching operation.
California Association of Pest Control Advisers CEO provides an update on the pest control industry and the group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.
While not yet calling to remove four federal hydroelectric dams along the lower Snake River, which the Biden-Harris Administration inextricably links to the depletion fish populations in the Basin—one part of the initiative will fund studies exploring how to offset impacts to agribusiness if they are breached.
According to the Canadian Pork Council (CPC), producers are willing to comply with US-Canada trade agreements and rules set by the USDA — but insist they cannot bend to the regulatory will of 50 individual U.S. States.
For over a century, Skyhart Farms in Washington State has not only witnessed breathtaking views but has also woven a narrative of dedication, hard work, and a profound love for U.S. Registered Holsteins.
In San Joaquin County, Jake Samuel, California’s recent Young Farmers & Ranchers awardee reflects on a decade marked by persistent efforts and strategic decisions in fruit production.
At the heart of High Sierra Ag lies a duo of unlikely heroes: Waylon and Willie, a couple of Outlaws turned farm guardians, who recently earned the prestigious title of 2023 California Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year.
Embark on a journey just 20 minutes outside Fresno, California, where Fairmont Elementary School, is redefining education through an innovative agricultural lens.