Horse rescued after 20 others killed in Kentucky is ready for adoption

Knox is ready for adoption

A horse that was rescued after 20 others were shot and killed is ready to for adoption WKYT News reports.

“He has this larger than life personality,” Kentucky Humane Society’s Director of Equine Program Shara Wiesenauer told WKYT News. “He’s very confident, he’s very playful, he’s all boy.”

Not long ago the horse, named Knox, was cautious around people after being one of three horses rescued.

Knox quickly progressed over the next couple of months and has finally been cleared to go to a new family.

The other two horses that were rescued, Hope and Diamond, are still several months away from being ready for adoption.

The Kentucky Humane Society is looking for the best fit for Knox. They are looking for an experienced owner who ideally has at least one other horse.