How Much Would You Pay For One of These?


August 19, 2019

According to one estimate, avocado consumption per capita in the U.S. has risen more than nine-fold in the past 40 years, with a five-fold increase in just the last 20 years. With the fruit (technically, a berry) enjoying such unprecedented popularity, some aficionados are turning their attention to more exotic varieties.

As Fox News reports, one supplier in south Florida is promoting a long-neck variety with lengths of up to 3 feet and weights of up to 3 pounds! Given that the same supplier sells a small box weighing between 3–6 lbs. for $47, that means you could wind up paying just under $50 for a single one of these green behemoths!

And, believe it or not, even at that price, the seller reports that demand is actually very high. So high, in fact that, even if you’re willing to fork over that much dough, you’ll likely be waiting a while: harvest for this season has already concluded, and pre-orders are already being accepted for next season!

(Sources: FoxNews, MiamiFruit, ThePacker)

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