How to plan for success this planting season

With much of the nation in winter’s grip, it is hard to think about planting anything right now, but time is drawing near.

Another planting season is just around the corner. To help set farmers up for success this year, the Columbia Grain International Agronomy Division recommends that farmers review any disease issues in their fields prior to deciding what to plant.

“I think the tips for 2021 are the tried-and-true tips of all years in the spring. You need to scout your fields, have a good plan for rotation. If you follow wheat on wheat, you know you’re going to have more disease problems. As an example, if you plant canola too often behind itself, you’ll know you’ll have black leg issues. So, make a plan,” Paul Porter explains.

As for which disease to be on the lookout for, he says that depends on whether last year was dry or wet.

He recommends farmers start the season off strong with a seed treat package to obtain optimal root health: “We have good seed treat packages that can address all the diseases. The Rhizoctonia, Pythium, and Fusarium protection. We have insecticides we can put on to help you with wireworm control including a brand new one-Xterra that will help even kill wireworms.”