Humans of AABP Launches on Facebook


Working in veterinarian medicine can be one of the rewarding professions, but also one of the most challenging ones. It can feel isolating when faced with challenges and when things go wrong.

Inspired by the viral page, Humans of New York, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners launched the Humans of AABP campaign on Facebook this week.

AABP District 1 Director Liz Brock, DVM, North Berwick, Maine, says sometimes veterinarians can start thinking they are the only ones who struggle, but that’s not the case. “Knowing you aren’t alone in your feelings is an incredibly powerful way to detach yourself from them.”

The Humans of AABP series tells the true stories of AABP members during the messy parts of life in bovine practice. “This work is hard and it is okay to sometimes not be okay,” Brock says. “As an organization, AABP can help veterinarians by normalizing the personal challenges we face and provide a platform to support our colleagues through them. After all, we are all only human.”

Veterinary students and AABP members of all stages in their careers are invited to describe their struggles and how they addressed them, sought support or mentorship, and became stronger through their journey. Would you like to share your story with your name or anonymously? Email either Dr. Liz Brock or Dr. Fred Gingrich (